1) To create and foster spirit of generous consideration amongst the people, professing and practicing different faiths.

2) Engaging religious heads, spiritual masters and intellectual leadership in multidimensional exchanges and dialogue.

3) To unite the people in the bonds of eternal human relations, friendship, good fellowship, co-operation, harmony and mutual understanding.

4) Facilitating relevant actions at the end of people, communities, societies and comity of nations to discourage violence in all its forms and manifestations.

5) Engaging government and non governmental organizations in propagating the theory of peaceful co- existence in every nook and corner of the world.

6) To assist and help in building a strong base for a just moral and social world order.

7) To work for providing sufficient space in each society for mutual respect of all faiths, ideologies and shades of opinion.

8) To closely co-ordinate the working of the foundation with organizations active in building the bridges of understanding in between different religious faiths.

9) To work for preserving human dignity of individual and also its human rights.

10) To work for establishing HARMONY COMPOUNDS in all parts of the world and the first of its kind shall be built in India.

11) To establish an International University of World Religions in which there will be courses of study on all religions.

12) To build up and initiate a Bhaichra Tehreek (universal Fraternity Mission) from the Gram Panchayat level onwards and it will be taken right upto the National and International level.

13) To institute state, regional, national and international peace, tolerance and harmony awards.